Supporting Children with Parental Involvement in Youth Sports


Youth Sports
Youth Sports

A resident of Birmingham, Alabama, Ramon Arias serves as the president of Bravo Corporation, a company also based in Birmingham, Alabama. When not tending to his duties at Bravo Corporation, Ramon Arias enjoys spending time with his children, and has been especially involved with youth soccer, which his children played as they were growing up.

Parental involvement in youth sports is important in creating a positive experience for children. However, parents can be involved both positively and negatively. Providing verbal encouragement, being present at games, and giving children autonomy in choosing a sport is viewed as positive involvement. On the other hand, putting pressure on children to win or to perform according to certain standards is considered negative involvement.

Research has shown a direct correlation between positive parent involvement and a child’s level of both enjoyment and success in youth sports. In addition, researchers have suggested a moderate level of involvement, explaining that over-involvement could put pressure on a child, which would diminish enjoyment. Ultimately, parents should ask their children about expectations. Children should set the bar for how much or how little they want the parent to be involved.


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