How to Join the Fight Against Hunger in Alabama

Feeding America pic
Feeding America

For more than a decade, Ramon Arias has led Bravo Corporation in Birmingham, Alabama, as its president. When not involved in his responsibilities for work, Ramon Arias seeks to help individuals in need in the greater Birmingham, Alabama, community. One of the organizations that he supports is Feeding America, through which he has helped provide more than 300,000 meals to area food banks.

Individuals can support Feeding America in a number of ways. One important initiative that Feeding America has created to help fight hunger is Set the Table, a program that allows individuals to create personal fundraisers. Through Set the Table, individuals can invite their friends and family to support the important work of Feeding America. However, donations are not the only form of support. Volunteering time is just as important and critical to ensuring that people in need have consistent access to quality foods.

Another way to fight hunger is to serve as an advocate. Feeding Hunger works hard to educate elected officials about the needs of the community and individuals can help by writing to their representatives and pushing for better legislation. Ending hunger involves talking about the issues and raising awareness in local communities as much as possible.


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