Three Ways Youth Sports Prepare Children for Adulthood

Youth Sports pic
Youth Sports

Since 2002, Ramon Arias has been the president of Bravo Corporation, a successful pizza franchise located in Birmingham, Alabama. Outside of work, Ramon Arias enjoys soccer, having participated in his kids’ youth leagues. He believes organized sports help prepare children for success later in life.

Youth sports are about more than just staying physically active. They can help children develop valuable skills and traits that are important later, as adults. Here are three key things children can learn from sports.

1. Practice – While there are other ways to learn the value of practicing a skill until you master it, sports teach this concept well. Children learn, perhaps for the first time, that the effort they put in can directly alter the results they get. They learn that those hours of drills actually do pay off as they see their skills improve.

2. Strategy – One life skill that is often overlooked is the ability to strategize, to plan a task, or even one’s future, and then have the discipline and know-how to follow through. Learning to execute strategies, think ahead, and plan for the game’s best outcome can transfer into other areas, including goal setting and deciding the best career route.

3. Teamwork – Team sports build team players. Learning on the field how to cooperate, and coordinate, with a team of people helps prepare children to work as part of a group later in life, where good teamwork is often crucial for job success. Sports teach this well, as team members need to communicate and work together. Children learn that no matter the position they play, they have a role, and that fulfilling that role is vital to the plan’s overall success.


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