Distinguishing between Virgin and Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Olive Oils pic
Olive Oils
Image: thekitchn.com

A respected Birmingham, Alabama, entrepreneur, Ramon Arias leads Bravo Corporation. He oversees a restaurant franchise operation with an extensive footprint throughout the Birmingham metropolitan area. Ramon Arias has a longstanding interest in food and the way it is sourced from areas spanning the globe. With products labeled “extra virgin” recognized as of the highest quality, olive oil is one of the most distinctive products of the Mediterranean.

To receive the “virgin” label, olive oil must be made through simple pressing, without any of the modern industrial processes used. In particular, the use of high temperatures and solvents in the manufacturing process is not allowed. These are common in the production of refined cooking oil from ingredients such as soybeans and sunflowers.

The difference between “virgin” and “extra virgin” primarily has to do with taste. The latter is higher in natural minerals and vitamins and lower in oleic acid, which helps preserve more of its true olive taste. Lacking sensory flaws, the extra virgin product should have a color in the golden-green range and feature a finish on the palate that is slightly peppery.


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