Three Things You Don’t Know About the 1959 Film Ben-Hur



Ramon Arias, Birmingham, Alabama business owner, is responsible for a thriving restaurant franchise under the Bravo Corporation. When he is not tending to his many restaurants, Ramon Arias enjoys watching historical films in his Birmingham, Alabama home. His favorite movie is the classic Ben-Hur.

The 1959 film Ben-Hur, starring Charleston Heston, was a highly popular film in its day, and widely considered to be a great classic in modern times. The story of the movie’s making is popular in Hollywood, but fans may not know the following unusual facts from the great film’s creation.

1. Director William Wyler did not want to take on the project at first, as he considered the script to be weak. He reconsidered partially because he wanted to one-up Hollywood nemesis Cecil B. DeMille, who had just finished the Ten Commandments, and partially because MGM offered him a record-breaking salary.

2. In the film, Jesus was portrayed by opera singer Claude Heater. Mr. Heater’s face was not shown, and he was not credited for his role, out of religious reverence.

3. The set for the iconic chariot race was the largest set in history at the time. It was a historically accurate duplicate of a real Roman stadium, which required 40,000 tons of white sand and covered 18 acres.


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