Set the Table Allows Public to Create Own Fundraisers to End Hunger

Feeding America pic
Feeding America

Bravo Corporation president Ramon Arias manages the franchise in Birmingham, Alabama, and employees over 800 individuals. Ramon Arias also has donates to numerous local food banks though the Alabama chapter of Feeding America. Feeding America allows members of the public to create their own fundraisers through the Set the Table project.

Set the Table promotes ending hunger in the US by encouraging members of the public to become actively involved in sharing meals with families and individuals across the country. The project equips participants with the necessary tools and resources to create and manage their own fundraising initiatives, including a personalized fundraising page through which they can accept donations and track their progress. Participants can also share their fundraiser with friends and family, and connect with like-minded individuals on social media.

Possible fundraising events range from dinner parties and birthday celebrations to athletic competitions and creative projects. Participants can ask friends and family to show their support through requested food donations in place of gifts for birthdays or wedding registries.

To learn more about possible fundraisers through Set the Table, visit


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