Feeding America Provides Meals for Children in Alabama

Feeding America pic
Feeding America
Image: feedingamerica.org


Leading over 800 employees, Ramon Arias serves as president of Bravo Corporation, a flourishing pizza franchise headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. Ramon Arias is also involved in charitable undertakings and has donated more than 300,000 meals to food banks in his locality through the Feeding America initiative in Alabama.

The largest domestic hunger-relief organization in the country, Feeding America sources food donation from national food manufacturers, growers, packers, government agencies, retailers, and others, and then transports donated food and other items to member food banks. Over 4 billion meals were served last year to over 46 million people in need in a country that, ironically, annually wastes food measured in the billions of pounds.

In the state of Alabama, 1 in 5 individuals struggle with hunger. The state is served by five Feeding America food banks, including the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama in Birmingham, which distributes over 10 million meals across 12 counties each year. The Central Alabama chapter also maintains programs such as the Weekenders Backpack Program, which delivers more than 16,000 meals per week to children via a backpack.


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