The Men’s Recovery Program of the Foundry Ministries

Men’s Recovery Program pic
Men’s Recovery Program

As the president of Bravo Corporation, a successful pizza franchise in Birmingham, Alabama, Ramon Arias is tasked with the day-to-day operations of the company. In his spare time, Ramon Arias volunteers with the Foundry Ministries in Bessemer, Alabama, where he participates in the employment readiness program of the organization.

The Foundry Ministries is an organization dedicated to helping those who are homeless regain their lives by providing them with a home, proper food and diet, as well as training programs to help combat self-destructive habits.

One of the organization’s initiatives is the Men’s Recovery Program, which focuses on helping those who cannot afford a place to live or have been evicted from their homes. With campuses in Bessemer, the Foundry gives men a safe place to live, warm clothes, and daily essentials such as toiletries.

The recovery program also includes free medical and dental care, as well as therapy to assist in overcoming addiction and substance abuse. The Men’s Recovery Program implements a Christ-centered curriculum that allows for one-on-one counseling sessions, helping the men address issues they face in their lives and their relationships.

The Men’s Recovery Program also focuses on employment readiness, helping the participants re-enter society with the tools necessary to build a new life.


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