The Foundry’s Re-Entry Program

The Foundry pic
The Foundry

The president of Bravo Corporation in Birmingham, Alabama, Ramon Arias leads a successful pizza franchise with over 800 employees. Ramon Arias also gives back to the community by working with the job readiness and job re-entry programs of The Foundry Ministries in Bessemer, Alabama.

The Foundry began in 1971 with the aim of bringing back hope and restoring the lives of ex-inmates, the destitute, and addicts through Christ-centered ministries. One of the organization’s initiatives is its prison re-entry program. Every year, thousands of men are released from Alabama prisons. With little support, appropriate life skills, or relevant education, some former inmates resort to committing crimes again in order to survive.

The re-entry program is made up of two phases lasting six months. Ex-inmates live at The Foundry, where they are provided basic essentials such as shelter, food, and clothing and are assisted in acquiring legal documents such as a driver’s license. They take part in voluntary counseling, prayer, adult education, and financial management programs.

In the first phase, the men serve on-site in an “employment readiness” area to help get adjusted to the mainstream workforce. The next phase involves acquiring full-time or part-time employment out in the real world. With a salaried job, the participants pay a reasonable stipend for food and lodging while completing the final portion of the program. This entails living in transitional housing, receiving continued support and accountability, and eventually finding a permanent home.


Crimson Tide Football – A Selection of the Best Players of All Time

Alabama Crimson Tide
Alabama Crimson Tide


Restaurateur Ramon Arias lives and works in Birmingham, Alabama, where he leads the Bravo Corporation. Outside of his empire of pizza franchises, Ramon Arias is an enthusiastic fan of football in the Birmingham, Alabama area, and supports the Crimson Tide.

The Alabama Crimson Tide, dating back to 1892, has produced hundreds of the greatest athletes in American college football. Over the last 125 years, the program has produced 239 all-conference honorees and 119 first-team All-Americans. This wealth of talent includes the following, some of the greatest stars in Alabama history.

– Derrick Thomas. Perhaps the best linebacker of the 1990s, he held a wealth of school records, including for most career sacks and most sacks in a season. Thomas played for the Kansas City Chiefs after leaving Alabama.

– John Hannah. Sports Illustrated once called this All-American the “best offensive lineman of all time,” a designation disputed by few. He was picked fourth in the 1973 draft and played for the New England Patriots his entire professional career.

– Ozzie Newsome. Today, he is one of the best general managers in the game. At Alabama, he was likely the best tight end the school has seen to this day. His career at Alabama ended with 102 receptions and a record-breaking average of 20.3 yards gained per pass.

Set the Table Allows Public to Create Own Fundraisers to End Hunger

Feeding America pic
Feeding America

Bravo Corporation president Ramon Arias manages the franchise in Birmingham, Alabama, and employees over 800 individuals. Ramon Arias also has donates to numerous local food banks though the Alabama chapter of Feeding America. Feeding America allows members of the public to create their own fundraisers through the Set the Table project.

Set the Table promotes ending hunger in the US by encouraging members of the public to become actively involved in sharing meals with families and individuals across the country. The project equips participants with the necessary tools and resources to create and manage their own fundraising initiatives, including a personalized fundraising page through which they can accept donations and track their progress. Participants can also share their fundraiser with friends and family, and connect with like-minded individuals on social media.

Possible fundraising events range from dinner parties and birthday celebrations to athletic competitions and creative projects. Participants can ask friends and family to show their support through requested food donations in place of gifts for birthdays or wedding registries.

To learn more about possible fundraisers through Set the Table, visit

Three Things You Don’t Know About the 1959 Film Ben-Hur



Ramon Arias, Birmingham, Alabama business owner, is responsible for a thriving restaurant franchise under the Bravo Corporation. When he is not tending to his many restaurants, Ramon Arias enjoys watching historical films in his Birmingham, Alabama home. His favorite movie is the classic Ben-Hur.

The 1959 film Ben-Hur, starring Charleston Heston, was a highly popular film in its day, and widely considered to be a great classic in modern times. The story of the movie’s making is popular in Hollywood, but fans may not know the following unusual facts from the great film’s creation.

1. Director William Wyler did not want to take on the project at first, as he considered the script to be weak. He reconsidered partially because he wanted to one-up Hollywood nemesis Cecil B. DeMille, who had just finished the Ten Commandments, and partially because MGM offered him a record-breaking salary.

2. In the film, Jesus was portrayed by opera singer Claude Heater. Mr. Heater’s face was not shown, and he was not credited for his role, out of religious reverence.

3. The set for the iconic chariot race was the largest set in history at the time. It was a historically accurate duplicate of a real Roman stadium, which required 40,000 tons of white sand and covered 18 acres.

SECU Extends Dr. Pepper Education Abroad Awards to 28 Students


Southeastern Conference (SEC)
Southeastern Conference (SEC)

President of Bravo Corporation in Birmingham, Alabama, since 2002, Ramon Arias manages more than 800 employees. A football and soccer enthusiast, Birmingham’s Ramon Arias has a keen interest in the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

In 2005, the SEC established SECU, an academic initiative with a focus on study abroad. Recently, SECU announced the 2016-17 recipients of its Dr. Pepper Education Abroad Awards.

More than two dozen students from SEC universities, such as the University of Alabama and Mississippi State University, are being given the opportunity to study abroad in faculty-led programs during the 2016-17 academic school year, thanks to a large contribution from the Dr. Pepper company. To qualify for the award, students must demonstrate financial need and a commitment to academic success.

This year’s winners are studying in an array of countries, including Italy, France, Ghana, Jamaica, and South Korea. To learn more about SECU’s academic programs, visit the official website at

Distinguishing between Virgin and Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Olive Oils pic
Olive Oils

A respected Birmingham, Alabama, entrepreneur, Ramon Arias leads Bravo Corporation. He oversees a restaurant franchise operation with an extensive footprint throughout the Birmingham metropolitan area. Ramon Arias has a longstanding interest in food and the way it is sourced from areas spanning the globe. With products labeled “extra virgin” recognized as of the highest quality, olive oil is one of the most distinctive products of the Mediterranean.

To receive the “virgin” label, olive oil must be made through simple pressing, without any of the modern industrial processes used. In particular, the use of high temperatures and solvents in the manufacturing process is not allowed. These are common in the production of refined cooking oil from ingredients such as soybeans and sunflowers.

The difference between “virgin” and “extra virgin” primarily has to do with taste. The latter is higher in natural minerals and vitamins and lower in oleic acid, which helps preserve more of its true olive taste. Lacking sensory flaws, the extra virgin product should have a color in the golden-green range and feature a finish on the palate that is slightly peppery.

2016’s Ben-Hur Remake a Financial Failure



Ramon Arias serves as president of Bravo Corporation, a pizza franchise in Birmingham, Alabama, with over 800 employees. Outside of his professional life, one of Ramon Arias’ favorite movies is the 1959 classic, Ben-Hur.

Unfortunately for fans of the 1959 film, widely regarded as a masterpiece, the 2016 remake is on schedule to be the season’s biggest financial disappointment. Directed by Timur Bekmambetov, 2016’s Ben-Hur was projected to be a success before its debut in mid-August. The movie had a massive $100 million budget, and that doesn’t even include marketing costs. As of early September 2016, Ben-Hur only grossed a meager $54.1 million, about half of its original budget. All in all, projected losses are predicted to hit $120 million, officially making Ben-Hur the least successful release of the 2016 blockbuster season.

Ben-Hur was originally a novel, written in 1880 by Lew Wallace, a general in the Civil War. The book was the first fictional work to receive a blessing from the pope, Leo XIII. Ultimately, the novel has seen five major adaptations including a TV miniseries, a Broadway show, a 1907 silent film, the 1959 classic, and the new 2016 version.

So, if your only exposure to Ben-Hur is the financial flop that came out this year, take a step back in history and watch the 1959 version starring Charlton Heston. If the financial success speaks to the quality of the films, the classic is certainly the better of the two.