How to Serve the Foundry Ministries

Foundry Ministries pic
Foundry Ministries

Ramon Arias, of Birmingham, Alabama, serves as the president of the Bravo Corporation, a pizza franchise that employs more than 800 people and won the 2009 Franchise of the Year award in Alabama. Ramon Arias also contributes to the Birmingham community by supporting a number of charities and nonprofits, including the Foundry Ministries.

With multiple locations throughout Alabama, the Foundry Ministries is committed to helping addicts and former convicts discover purpose through the guidance of Christ. The organization sees hope in those that many consider hopeless and believe that every person can achieve his or her potential and live a meaningful life.

Like all charitable organizations, the Foundry Ministries relies on volunteers and contributors to keep its vision alive. There are many ways for people to get involved:

1. Lend a hand at the thrift store recovery program.
2. Organize a food drive.
3. Help with lawn care maintenance at ministry locations.
4. Mentor recovery program participants.
5. Pack and serve produce bags for the mobile produce pantry.

The Foundry Ministries also accepts donations of any amount.


Feeding America’s Child Hunger Programs

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BackPack Program

Birmingham, Alabama resident Ramon Arias has served as president of the 800-employee pizza franchise Bravo Corporation since 2002. When he isn’t working, Ramon Arias actively supports Feeding America’s efforts throughout Birmingham and the entire state of Alabama.

A national non-profit organization, Feeding America has a myriad of programming specifically aimed at lowering hunger rates for certain groups of people. One of its most prevalent areas of work is its effort to end child hunger. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that 13.1 million children in the United States are without consistent access to nutritious food. Two Feeding America programs designed to combat that number are the BackPack Program and Kids Cafe.

Launched more than 15 years ago, the BackPack Program provides healthy snacks and meals to children on the weekend, supplementing the work done through the National School Lunch/Breakfast Program. More than 160 food banks nationwide collect and distribute food to as many as 450,000 children each week.

The Kids Cafe program, launched in 1993, provides free snacks and meals to children with low-income backgrounds at various after-school centers such as YMCAs, Boys and Girls Clubs, and public schools. The program also includes nutrition education and various social and recreational activities.

The Foundry’s Re-Entry Program

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The Foundry

The president of Bravo Corporation in Birmingham, Alabama, Ramon Arias leads a successful pizza franchise with over 800 employees. Ramon Arias also gives back to the community by working with the job readiness and job re-entry programs of The Foundry Ministries in Bessemer, Alabama.

The Foundry began in 1971 with the aim of bringing back hope and restoring the lives of ex-inmates, the destitute, and addicts through Christ-centered ministries. One of the organization’s initiatives is its prison re-entry program. Every year, thousands of men are released from Alabama prisons. With little support, appropriate life skills, or relevant education, some former inmates resort to committing crimes again in order to survive.

The re-entry program is made up of two phases lasting six months. Ex-inmates live at The Foundry, where they are provided basic essentials such as shelter, food, and clothing and are assisted in acquiring legal documents such as a driver’s license. They take part in voluntary counseling, prayer, adult education, and financial management programs.

In the first phase, the men serve on-site in an “employment readiness” area to help get adjusted to the mainstream workforce. The next phase involves acquiring full-time or part-time employment out in the real world. With a salaried job, the participants pay a reasonable stipend for food and lodging while completing the final portion of the program. This entails living in transitional housing, receiving continued support and accountability, and eventually finding a permanent home.

Three Tips for Making the Perfect Pizza Dough

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Ramon Arias of Birmingham, Alabama, serves as the president of Bravo Corporation, a pizza franchise that employs over 800 employees. Winning 2009’s Franchise of the Year award, Bravo Corporation and Ramon Arias are no strangers to making good pizza.

Three Ways Youth Sports Prepare Children for Adulthood

Youth Sports pic
Youth Sports

Since 2002, Ramon Arias has been the president of Bravo Corporation, a successful pizza franchise located in Birmingham, Alabama. Outside of work, Ramon Arias enjoys soccer, having participated in his kids’ youth leagues. He believes organized sports help prepare children for success later in life.

Youth sports are about more than just staying physically active. They can help children develop valuable skills and traits that are important later, as adults. Here are three key things children can learn from sports.

1. Practice – While there are other ways to learn the value of practicing a skill until you master it, sports teach this concept well. Children learn, perhaps for the first time, that the effort they put in can directly alter the results they get. They learn that those hours of drills actually do pay off as they see their skills improve.

2. Strategy – One life skill that is often overlooked is the ability to strategize, to plan a task, or even one’s future, and then have the discipline and know-how to follow through. Learning to execute strategies, think ahead, and plan for the game’s best outcome can transfer into other areas, including goal setting and deciding the best career route.

3. Teamwork – Team sports build team players. Learning on the field how to cooperate, and coordinate, with a team of people helps prepare children to work as part of a group later in life, where good teamwork is often crucial for job success. Sports teach this well, as team members need to communicate and work together. Children learn that no matter the position they play, they have a role, and that fulfilling that role is vital to the plan’s overall success.

How to Join the Fight Against Hunger in Alabama

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Feeding America

For more than a decade, Ramon Arias has led Bravo Corporation in Birmingham, Alabama, as its president. When not involved in his responsibilities for work, Ramon Arias seeks to help individuals in need in the greater Birmingham, Alabama, community. One of the organizations that he supports is Feeding America, through which he has helped provide more than 300,000 meals to area food banks.

Individuals can support Feeding America in a number of ways. One important initiative that Feeding America has created to help fight hunger is Set the Table, a program that allows individuals to create personal fundraisers. Through Set the Table, individuals can invite their friends and family to support the important work of Feeding America. However, donations are not the only form of support. Volunteering time is just as important and critical to ensuring that people in need have consistent access to quality foods.

Another way to fight hunger is to serve as an advocate. Feeding Hunger works hard to educate elected officials about the needs of the community and individuals can help by writing to their representatives and pushing for better legislation. Ending hunger involves talking about the issues and raising awareness in local communities as much as possible.