How to Serve the Foundry Ministries

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Foundry Ministries

Ramon Arias, of Birmingham, Alabama, serves as the president of the Bravo Corporation, a pizza franchise that employs more than 800 people and won the 2009 Franchise of the Year award in Alabama. Ramon Arias also contributes to the Birmingham community by supporting a number of charities and nonprofits, including the Foundry Ministries.

With multiple locations throughout Alabama, the Foundry Ministries is committed to helping addicts and former convicts discover purpose through the guidance of Christ. The organization sees hope in those that many consider hopeless and believe that every person can achieve his or her potential and live a meaningful life.

Like all charitable organizations, the Foundry Ministries relies on volunteers and contributors to keep its vision alive. There are many ways for people to get involved:

1. Lend a hand at the thrift store recovery program.
2. Organize a food drive.
3. Help with lawn care maintenance at ministry locations.
4. Mentor recovery program participants.
5. Pack and serve produce bags for the mobile produce pantry.

The Foundry Ministries also accepts donations of any amount.


Graduate of Foundry Ministries’ Recovery Program Mentors Others

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The Foundry


As the head of Bravo Corporation in Birmingham, Alabama, Ramon Arias operates a network of franchise restaurants. Outside of working for Bravo Corporation, Ramon Arias is also an active member of his Birmingham, Alabama community, where he volunteers with the Foundry Ministries. His volunteer work helps to ensure job readiness and proper interview skills among at-risk community members.

Dedicated to their motto “Rescue. Recovery. Reentry,” Foundry Ministries enables people battling addiction and other challenges to find Christ-centered ways to success in life. The organization’s website features a member of the Recovery Program’s first graduating class. Battling alcoholism and depression, Tony was released from the hospital following a suicide attempt in the mid-1990s and turned to faith to help him create a more positive life.

After completing the program in 1997, Tony took a position with the organization’s Fairfield, Alabama, thrift store and, like many program graduates, began his career. Continuing in his position as store manager to this day, Tony mentors new program graduates as someone who has been clean and sober for two decades.